Erin Greenberg, MD

2014 Perlman Family CCARE Lynch Research Stipend Recipient

Erin Greenberg, MD, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island.

ErinProspective Evaluation of Universal Immunohistochemistry Screening for Diagnosing Lynch Syndrome in Endometrial Cancer Patients in a Large Tertiary Care Center”

Dr. Greenberg’s primary objective of her study is to compare the detection rates of LS and number of genetic counseling referrals during the initial year of universal screening to the previous year when LS screening and referral were performed solely at the physician’s discretion.  We expect universal screening of endometrial cancer samples for DNA mismatch repair gene mutations will identify Lynch Syndrome with high sensitivity and specificity.   A secondary, and exploratory, objective of this study to to determine if the addition of any clinicopathologic variables, such as age, BMI or histology, increase either the sensitivity of specificity in a more targeted screening algorithm.  Additionally, she will describe her findings and the implementation of this program for the initial year of universal screening.