Colon Cancer Alliance for Research and Education for Lynch Syndrome

Our Mission

Educate the public and healthcare professionals about

Lynch Syndrome and to help fund research for a cure for

this disease.

What is Lynch Syndrome?

Lynch Syndrome is a hereditary disorder that affects up

to 800,000 people in the United States. It increases the

risk of colon, uterine, ovarian, and other cancers. These

cancers often occur at a young age.

Are you at risk?

If multiple family members have cancer and at least one

person is younger than the age of 50, please learn more

about Lynch Syndrome.

CCARE Events and News

Fundraiser for Mila Goldin by Felix Reznick and Family

2022 CCARE Award Presentation at SGO Annual Meeting.
Charles Landen, MD, Chair, FWC Research & Awards Committee
Dr. Riedinger, your awardee!
Ginger J. Gardner, MD, Chair, FWC
David Mutch, MD, Immediate Past Chair, FWC


Please meet us!

We will be having booths at the:

  • AAPA - Physician Assistant National¬† Conference, May 21-23, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • AANP - Nurse Practitioner National Conference June 21-26, Orlando, Florida
  • AAFP FMX - Family Practitioner National Conference, September 20-24,¬† Washington DC