Jeremy Nottingham

Fundraiser for Jeremy Nottingham

Jeremy Nottingham was only 30 years old when he died after a 2½ year battle with colon and liver cancer last November. He was also diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome, a hereditary disease which can cause young, healthy people like Jeremy to develop aggressive cancers. Jeremy was a graduate of Wake Forest University, worked for the Secret Service, a Special Agent with U.S. Health and Human Service Office of Inspector General, volunteered at animal shelters, owned 2 rescue dogs, and was active in sports. Mostly, he is known for his dedication to serving and helping others. Jeremy also loved collecting sneakers and had amassed quite a collection before his untimely death.

Jeremy wanted others to learn about Lynch Syndrome and the importance of getting genetic testing so that other people can know to screen for cancer before it is too late. Thus, his family auctioned off his one-of-a-kind sneaker collection to the non-profit group CCARE Lynch Syndrome to help educate people about hereditary colon cancer. This one-of-a-kind collection raised over $12,000!

Also, another $595 was raised from a Washington Capitals Hockey ticket raffle through Marumsco Hills Elementary by Sharon Nottingham, Jeremy's mother.

Pictured above at Marumsco Hills Elementary School in Woodbridge Virginia are Julie Cuocci, school principal, winners Cassandra Campagna and Karen Fallah with Sharon Nottingham

We are selling Special Edition CCARE J-Nott T-Shirts and Hoodies.