Red Flags for Lynch Syndrome

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Lynch Syndrome is a genetic disease that can be passed from either parent. It is important to know that Lynch Syndrome can cause many different types of cancers, and these cancers may occur at an early age.

The most common are colon and uterine cancers. People with Lynch Syndrome have up to an 80% risk of getting cancer in their lifetime, often before the age of 50.

Lynch Syndrome can also cause other cancers, including cancers of the ovary, kidney tubes, stomach, liver, pancreas, and brain, but those are much less common.

While most cancer is not hereditary, knowing if you have Lynch Syndrome can help your physician identify cancer at the earliest stage possible.

These are considered red flags:

  • Multiple Lynch-related cancers in your family.
  • At least 1 person in your family was diagnosed with cancer before the age of 50.
  • Cancers in 2 generations of family members (parent and child).
  • Two or more close family members with colon, uterine, ovarian, stomach, or other Lynch-related cancers.

The more red flags that you have, the higher your risk for Lynch Syndrome.

If you match any of these red flags, please download and print this handout to have a talk with your doctor.

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